Adoption Process

We are committed to helping adoptive families and children in a professional and personal way. Adoption Pros is licensed to provide domestic adoption and home study services to Michigan residents. We provide international adoption services to families nationwide. US citizens living abroad are also welcome! Read more

Home Study Services

Adoption Pros offers home studies to Michigan residents. This includes studies for both domestic and international adoptions from any Non-Hague country of your choice. Expedited process is available. Please email us for more information.

International Adoption

Why to adopt internationally? What country to choose? Adoption Pros has successfully placed hundreds of children from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Marshall Islands, Guatemala and China in homes throughout the United States and Europe. Read more.


If being in control over the matching process is important to you, Ukraine then is the right choice. Ukraine has excellent orphanages and beautiful children ready to find loving families. Only married couples are accepted. Healthy children are not younger than 5 years of age. Read more


Uzbekistan is open to international adoptions. It is situated in Central Asia, south from Kazakhstan. It's not a Hague country. Uzbekistan orphanages are similar to those in Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan. Children available are of all ages. Uzbekistan may be a good option to consider. Waiting time is less than for China. Read more



Orientation Meeting
May 18-Ada, MI
June 1-Ada, MI

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