Adoption Process

Adopting from Russia

By the Baese Family, Michigan

When we began the adoption process there were many documents to secure, have notarized and translated. We started in February and in April we received a call that a baby boy was born on March 22 and was awaiting our arrival to bring him home. He was in a hospital in Tyumen, a Siberian city. Travel arrangements and more documents had to be translated along with all of the contacts Adoption Pros had to make in our behalf with the hospital staff, adoption officials, the American Embassy and with our guide and translator.

On May 23 we arrived in Moscow, flew to Tyumen on May 24th and held our son on the 25th. What an experience! The trip to Russia and the ceremony given by the hospital staff when we received our son will be a vivid and very special memory for us. The people of Tyumen were wonderfully warm and giving. They were so excited to meet us and did everything possible to make us feel at home. We took some medical supplies to the hospital and the nurses cried when they were each given a stethoscope because previously they had only one that they had to share. When we left the hospital, we were given a big send off with champagne and some wonderful singing. We recorded the ceremony.

We then returned to Moscow to finalize our paperwork and meet with officials at the American Embassy. All went smoothly except the INS did not cable our documents to Moscow in time for our scheduled departure which meant we had to stay an extra week. This was difficult for us as we had a four year old daughter at home.

On looking back to the entire experience we would have double checked with INS on our documents to make sure they were in order and cabled on time to Moscow. Keep in mind that INS paperwork moves very slowly. We had congressmen working on our behalf to try and speed things up. One other thing we would have tried to do differently was to find out more about Ian’s birth parents. Very little information was given, only the birth mother’s age, height and hair color; the birth father’s height and occupation.

We feel our family is complete. Don and I have two wonderful, talented children and our children have each other. They are inseparable at home. They like to be outside with our horses and were especially excited when our new colt was born last summer.

Our son is now four years old, started preschool last fall and is growing tall and handsome. He is very bright, loves music and books. Helping dad take care of the horses and do projects in our wood shop are lots of fun.

Sometimes as we watch him play or listen as he’s singing a song, we wonder what life would be like for him if he had not been adopted and what our life would be like without him.


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May 18, Ada, MI
June 1, Ada, MI

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