Adoption Process
El Salvador

El Salvador is the Central American country located just south of Guatemala. It is a beautiful country with a rich heritage. Adoptions from El Salvador have not been high in numbers in the past as the government has a very long approval process for orphans that are within the government system. Within the last year, though, the government formally granted permission for certain attorneys to handle adoptions outside the realm of the government orphanages by working directly with local birthmothers. We are now matching families, working cases and bringing children home.

There are several Salvadoran governmental bodies involved in the adoption process. These include the Family Courts and the Procuraduria General de la Republica (PGR). The Procuraduria is responsible for family welfare law in El Salvador. The Instituto Salvadoreño Para el Desarrollo Integral de la Niñez Adolescencia (ISNA) is responsible for the care of orphans and other children in government custody. Representatives from ISNA and the PGR oversee international adoptions in El Salvador’s adoption central authority called the Oficina Para Adopciones (OPA).

AdoptionPros will provide detailed instructions about your dossier preparation. The dossier packet will contain samples and forms. Each document in your dossier has to be notarized and then apostilled by your Secretary of State. El Salvador requires psychological reports on adoptive families in addition to home studies. Psychological reports are required to be prepared by licensed psychologists and contain information on adoptive parents IQ. Once your dossier is sent to El Salvador, it is translated there and sent to an adoption board for review. The board will most likely require that one or more of your documents to be redone and resubmitted. This approval process generally takes 5 - 7 months. Once your dossier is approved, you will be “matched” with the child. The attorney will facilitate your case and communicate with the government officials on your behalf to assure that you are assigned the child you want. Adoptions generally take a year to complete.


  • Married couples or single females
  • Parents have to be at least 25 years old
  • Married 5 years
  • No religious requirements
  • No income requirements (except as required by US CIS guidelines)
  • Not more than 45 years between adoptive parent and child

Costs: $17,000